The definition of meditate is:

To focus one's mind in silence for a period, , for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.


During our daily activities we can get so worked up and uptight that you end everyday stressed and tired. What you need to do is to carve out a moment of your time in the day and take time to meditate. The results of this will amaze you, and you'll feel better and more relaxed after. Here are some ways that you can meditate.

1. Take a break

With the fast pace of modern life and its intricacies, there is bound to be a lot of times where you end up overworked and stressed. What you need to do is carve out a portion of your time. Take  just about fifteen minutes, do some breathing exercises to relax and clear your mind. You'll find that you're more productive and relaxed after that.

2. Choose calming music/sounds

The type of music you listen to when you're carrying out various tasks may also be a way for you to meditate. For instance, there are audio tapes that are recordings of nature that can calm you and help you to meditate. Listening to the flow of a stream will do amazing things to help you relieve stress

3.Relax your body

The position in which you meditate is vital because meditation is not only about relaxing mentally but also physically so you cannot be in a position that makes you uncomfortable. You could choose whatever position you want but make sure you're comfortable. Positioning your body in the right way will also help in your breathing exercises and maybe when you are done, you could stretch out your body.

4.Clear your mind

The main part of meditating is clearing your mind so that you can relieve yourself of the day's tension. A lot of the things that we endure during the day's activities put a massive amount of stress and tension on our mental state. It's important that you meditate and clear your mind of all that you're thinking about. It may not happen immediately--after all, thoughts pop up. But the important thing is that you relax mentally.

It’s essential that through all the challenges of the day, you carve out some time to slow down, be calm, and relieve stress. To reiterate here are the things you should do to meditate:

1) Take a break

2) Listen to calming music or sounds

3) Relax your body, and

4) Clear your mind

What is your best meditation method? Share with us below